Moon Tycoon Review

Sleeper Hit; but worth the price?

Submitted by pembo0630 on Mon, 2009-02-16 15:11.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Variety, Disasters, AI, Gameplay, Graphics, Sound.
Boring after a while.

Moon Tycoon is a game that everyone who considers themselves a gamer should at least check out. The flashy graphics, large variety of gameplay, and in-depth tycoon feel really show the work that went into making this title.

In Moon Tycoon, the player is required to build up a colony from scratch, with an endless amount of buildings and disasters to worry about and manage. It's fun, and interesting with plenty of things to keep the player entertained. The sound effects throughout are nicely done and crisp sounding. As well, the tutorial at the beginning helps the user get his or her feet wet in the game. I like the blend of typical tycoon-style missions and sandbox. It adds a cool feel to the game that lasts to the end.

While the graphics will get you to play the game, it's the gameplay that will keep you. Variety is a major aspect to Moon Tycoon. There's always something to improve upon or aspire to. With over 60 different buildings to create and multiple areas of specialization (mining, tourism, ect) the player will stay intrigued for at least a little while.

While the gameplay, graphics, sound, and variety are enough to make the game great, there are some problems. The game is plagued by the same problem aquired by almost every other game of its type, and online games in general. It gets boring.If your attention span is as short as mine is, as well as time limited; then you're going to find yourself getting bored relatively quickly. This is unfortunate, because the earlier you quit the less of the game you'll actually see. And believe me, there's a lot.


Great game that everyone who considers him or herself a gamer should check out. It's a fun little sandbox tycoon game that will keep users coming back for more; even for that price.