Xeno Assault 2 Review

What a blast!

Submitted by pembo0630 on Mon, 2009-02-16 15:28.
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Fun, Gameplay
Unoriginality, Repetition

I'm not going to lie. My expectations for this game, considering the unoriginality of it, weren't high at all. I expected a mediocre-at-best shooter with overdone mechanics.

I was partially right. 90% of the gameplay is borrowed from the super-mega-awesome Galactica, which is fine with me considering that's one of the best games ever made. Between the two, it's apparent from the start of the game that the developers were trying to make a rendition of Galactica. While many things between the two are similar, such as the formations of enemy aircraft, there are tons of differences thrown in to give it their own little twist.

The availability of the game suprised me. For being a fullscreen game, the install time was very short. For me it took about 3 minutes from the time I clicked "Download" and I was already playing.

The most important aspect of a game is the gameplay, and in this department the game is so-so. Once again, if you hated Galactica then you'll hate this game as well. The similarities between the two are almost annoying. The developers did try to throw in some things to seperate the two such as asteroids and stuff flying at you, but the gameplay is still identical to Galactica.

The only real things that differentiate the two are the graphics and sound, which the game excells in. The graphics are 3D and nicely done. Everything is modeled very well, from the explosions to spacecraft. The sound is what you would expect from a space shooter. Intense, fast paced music coupled with sounds of rockets and explosions.


It's a nice game to try out and play for a few minutes if you need to waste time. However, the unoriginality of it degrades a purchase.