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Gives Good Service For The Money

Submitted by csquare on Wed, 2009-02-18 17:21.
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The lowest price: 26.91$
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Installs quickly. Works very well with MS Word, Excel, and text files. Even works with webpages.
Was confusing to set up. Wanted to take control of your printer. Very poor customer support.

The PDFcamp Software installs quickly and easily. However, it does require a restarting of your computer which is annoying if you are working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Another annoyance is that it wants PDFcamp to take over as your default printer. So whenever you want to print anything at all, you have to make the printer swap. If you forget about it, you will be converting everything you try to print into a PDF document.

If you are used to looking for a software launch icon like I do, this one will confuse you a little on its first use. Whenever you look to initialize the software from the startup menu, you only get the company URLs and an uninstall option. PDFcamp doesn’t come into play until you need its functionality. That is, when you need to convert something into a PDF document.

After getting through the initial minor inconveniences of this software, it actually worked very well. I had no problem at all converting MS Word, Excel, text, and even webpage printouts into PDF documents. I was very impressed with its speed and quickness.

I also paid a visit to the company URL (verypdf.com) via the startup menu, I noticed several links such as customer support and a listing of their various products. They offer most any type of PDF product imaginable.

However, the support offered by the company was very poor. I submitted a general question about the software and never did get a response.

Overall, I think the PDFcamp Software is very well worth the money. Considering what premium products would cost to accomplish the same tasks, this product does the job for a fraction of the cost. When you get through the initial idiosyncrasies, you will find good and speedy performance. The lack of support lowers the overall rating.


PDFcamp Software provides good service for the money. It works very quickly and easily on most documents. Lack of support diminishes the value of the product somewhat.