CoffeeCup GIF Animator Review

Cold Coffee.

Submitted by pembo0630 on Thu, 2009-02-19 15:34.
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-Easy to use -Not too in depth -Simple
-Price -lack of features -lack of a good tutorial for the trial -lack of features that free programs like it contain. -lack of features

CoffeeCup GIF Animator is just that; a program that allows you to import pictures or other pre-made files from your computer and edit them into a fashionable GIF animation.

A lot of people going into this program had, in my opinion, a bit too high of expectations for it. For good reasons, though. There are a lot of free programs out there that offer the same type of software this one does. One thing that sucks right off the bat is the fact that you cannot draw your own images in the program. This really degrades the already suffering customizational aspect of it. The largest amount of customization that you can do is to toy around with the frame rates, order of pictures, possibly the background...but not being able to make any type of drawing is annoying. There are tons upon tons of free GIF animation softwares out there that offer 2x the features this one does, and they're all free.

While the lack of any true customization bothers me, it's still a relatively decent program. It's very easy to jump into and use. Within minutes from start-up, you'll have already made a GIF animation (regardless of the quality). The main attraction for these is if course forum avatars, so in that respect it's easy to download a couple of pictures, then put em' in an endless loop for your viewing pleasure.

Is it really worth it though? Absolutely not. The program would be mediocre as a freebie, but for the price there's no way when there's tons of free GIF programs offering more features than this.


For the price tag, I would highly encourage you to avoid this. Programs like Easy GIF Animator are free and offer more features than this cup of de-caff contain even in the full version.