Moon Tycoon Review

Nice game but not one drop of innovation

Submitted by George_Chiriac on Mon, 2009-02-23 00:18.
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Nice gameplay, nice sounds
No innovation brought, very bland, too simple mechanics,doesn't put your brain to work,too simple.

While some games are launched in a blaze of publicity and others in a wave of controversy, Moon Tycoon arrived with a large round of indifference. As the name suggests, it's set on the lunar surface where you have to turn a barren wilderness into a thriving metropolis. OK, not the most original of ideas but with a bit of imagination and lateral thinking this tired old genre could get a new lease of life.

Sadly, Moon Tycoon is devoid of anything innovative. The game is formulaic in the extreme; erect accommodation for your space colonists, build industry and try to manage your budget. No combat, no exploration and the research tree is revealed at the start, so there's no sense of surprise when you discover new technology. If that wasn't bad enough, the actual mechanics of play are so simple that a brain dead chimpanzee on smack could master it in seconds. Most developers made the obvious connection that people who play strategy games like to tax their brain when they play. The only taxing part of Moon Tycoon is trying to get it to work on a Windows 2000 or XP machine (I couldn't).

It's not an inherently bad game, it's just a very bland one. There are plenty of better strategy games to spend your money on, so unless you've got a weird compulsive obsessive disorder and need them all, give this one a miss.


Not a bad game but a very bland and easy one.