PrivacyKeyboard Review

Get life insurance instead

Submitted by mmalka on Sun, 2006-10-22 05:38.
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The idea itself of preventing keyloggers
Does not work!

I became not only interested in testing PrivateKeyboard, but also in buying it. You know, with so many security threats around such as phishing, viruses, and politicians, the idea of preventing someone to log what you type is very attractive.

The first not so good surprise is that the software comes in a zip file, instead of in an executable file. I know a lot of people that can’t even adjust their VCR clocks, so I am sure not everyone feels comfortable having to deal with a zip file. Anyway, I installed the software and… nothing happened! Not a single message stating that the installation was completed, asking me if I wanted to run or configure it. Not even a request to reboot (thanks to Microsoft I got addicted to rebooting after an install).

I then opened the Start menu and bingo, the software was there. Once executed, an icon showed up next to the clock. Right clicking on it did no good. Left clicking twice brought what I was expecting to see in the first place: the options and other information about the software.

While staring at the odd looking screen (its designer was not exactly inspired), I started to wonder how I would test a software that supposedly prevents keyloggers to steal my precious info. I don’t have any friends or family (at least that I know of) in the criminal business. To test this software would be like buying life insurance and wanting to test if it really works.

I decided to go ahead and look at its configuration options, hoping they could give me a better idea of the software’s capabilities. Then, I got another special surprise: “ This program has encountered a problem and needs to close…”.

After a few additional attempts to revive PrivateKeyboard, I decided to reboot the PC. Coincidence or not, the reboot took longer than usual, and a message was displayed on my screen stating that my computer now was being protected. Feeling safe, bold and confident, I tried to access the options screen again, to end up facing the same error message. No matter what I selected, I got the same message. At least the software was consistent on that.

After a few more attempts, the software got mad at me and punished me by saying that I am no longer protected. So, instead of buying it, I decided to buy life insurance. I hope it works…


This software could use some redisigning in its packaging, interface with the user, and most of all, have the bugs removed. If and when it works, can be a good option to consider.