CrazyTalk Review

Very cool program

Submitted by khelweg on Sun, 2006-10-22 11:03.
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Easy user interface, nice graphics, and wonderful final outcome to your photos. Amazing and realistic looking.
Difficult to use at first. Takes practice to get your picture looking just right. The help files for this program could be better as well.

When I first tried this program out, I thought wow! This is one cool program. In my attempts to create my talking photos, I found out that the program was not as easy to use as it looked. The help files had to be consulted on this one, and even after that, I was still a little confused on creating the final animated picture.

The most difficult part was actually getting the mouth in the photo that you are using to look right while it was speaking. It took numerous tries to get the points correct on the photo, and was occasionally frustrating. You have the option of using a computerized voice or recording one of your own to use.

The computerized voice just sounds too "computerized" for a good finished animated photo. There is an option to change the facial features of the subject in the picture you are using as well. You can use a photo from a scan, or one already on your hard drive. The final outcome is very cool, but don't expect perfection from your efforts the first few times that you try it.

There are several ways to save your final photo animation. It can be used in an instant message, as a stand alone, on a web page or in an email. I could not get it to work well when I tried to add it into a web page, but the rest of the options worked fine for me.

If you like to learn new things that you can use in your web creations or just for fun to send to a friend, this is a great program to learn to use. Your friends will be amazed at the talking photographs that you have "created".


All in all, this is a nice program. Fun to make your pictures do the talking and send them to friends. It may be difficult to use at first, but practice makes perfect