Dropheads Review

The Game Dropheads

Submitted by tiputipu0051 on Tue, 2009-03-03 06:44.
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Easily understandable, Good use of Graphics, Animations and Music, Helping tutorial for beginners , Game runs on almost every operating system, Simple language for instructions , Very colourful game.
Very expensive , Similar to many other games , Too hard for a kids , Time is very short.

This game is very simple to understand and any one can play it either kid or an adult. It is just like the game “Tetris”.

The whole game is based on the right combinations you make and that’s how you clear the stage. There is no other rule in this game. Though any game before starting requires practice and skills, similarly this game also requires practice and skills. Its a bit hard for kids to get grip on it. I would say its not a properly balanced game between an adult and a kid. It should be designed in such a way that after playing this game, both kids and adults feels the same. Tutorial just gives an idea about the game rules, the original game doesn’t starts from the amature level where it should be.

In overall game the graphics are very good, Sound is normal, the game play rule is throughout the same and controls are very simple.