Mad Caps Review

The Game Mad Caps

Submitted by tiputipu0051 on Tue, 2009-03-03 20:37.
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Easily understandable, Good use of (Graphics,animations and music), It runs on almost every operating system, Simple language for instructions , Very colorful , Very attractive, Simple controls, Helping information, Different modes to play.
Lack of multiplayer facility, Graphics are same at all levels ,Comments are displayed at the bottom of the screen, Music is same throughout the game, No tutorial for beginners, High cost of game.

Mad Caps is an attractive, informative and very entertaining puzzle game. Any one can play it either kid or an adult.

There are three different modes in this game Arcade, Classic and Survival. You can choose according to your game plan. In this game the screen is filled with “Caps of soda bottles of different colours”, with different items behind it like glass, plastic, clothes. You have to make the combination of ‘same items’ by pressing button on each cap, in order to get points. You can also get hint if you have points.

Music in this game is nice and soft, you don’t get board even after playing it for hours. There is no tutorial, therefore it takes time to get used to with the game. Controls are very simple and easy to use.
In Overall game the graphics are very good, Sound is normal, the game play rule is throughout the same and controls are very simple.