Cryptainer Review

Pricing the security

Submitted by chaoabordo on Wed, 2009-03-04 00:19.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
user-friendly, powerful, does all what it say it does and a bit more
LE version has limitation of 25 MB per container, a bit unpolished graphic interface, high price of other versions for average PC user

There is a saying that wise man writes down what he thinks, and stupid forgets. In digital era that we live in, when privacy is not a luxury but a must, security of private data is one of the priorities of every PC user. This is where this program comes in.

Cryptainer is, as far as I could find, one of the most popular program of its kind. First, lets see what this program does.

Cryptainer encrypts data. Encrypt codes the piece of text in a way that no one without the password can access them. The program itself is very user-friendly, no need for command line parameters and such that seem like foreign language to average computer user. It is rich in options, and its encryption algorithms strength is one to match, including "classics" like Blowfish, PGP and similiar.

What are its fault? Well, there aren't many.

Free version has limited container (virtual drive/partition, whatever you want to call it) size to 25 MB, which is enough to hide some sensitive information, but not enough to hide a collection of pictures or videos you don't want seen. Of course, you can create multiple containers, but that just partially solves the problem.

And all that can be solved by buying PE or SE versions of the program, but to an average PC user, price is just too high. Also, graphic interface seems a bit outdated, but it is functional and user-friendly.
Bottom line is - costly, but you really get the bang for your buck.