Registry First Aid Review

Quick Regestry scan & Fix

Submitted by potga9 on Mon, 2009-03-09 23:30.
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The lowest price: 27$
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fast, easy navigation of function menus, great view of search results.
defrag of registry slow, poor top menu design

Registry Maintenance:
- Check registry for errors
- Defragment of registry

Registry Management:
- Search the registry
- Registry Snapshots

Registry Backup:
- Create Full registry backup
- Restore registry from full backup
- Restore from .reg backup files

Registry Maintenance:

- a scan of the registry proved to be quick, fast and easy to start.
- whilst doing a defragmentation of the registry takes some time to analyze and is very slow, freezes notebook for 20 seconds.

Registry Management:
- personally i think the registry search feature is very cool, makes searching the registry easier and gives a complete overview of search results as to the standard microsoft registry search (ctrl+f).
- being able to take snapshots of the registry is a neat function, as we can compare a working registry to a faulty registry during software development.
- also an easy way to revert back to a working registry if it does get corrupted.

Registry Backup:
- nice wizzard driven backup and restore process
- gives warnings if certain criteria for registry backup isn't met, like system restore must be switched on and will not continue if it's off.

Look & Feel:

- menu design of the software looks like a badly designed website, no effort into top menus
- Function menus are big, and easy to see and use.
- Would prefer a tips window, or get started popup window, rather than the help file opening on launch of the application.


Well having used some other registry software previously, most of the functions are the same and other software might offer a bit more features for a bit cheaper or even free.