Diagram Studio Review

As powerfull as others, cheaper than any

Submitted by C0r3Dump on Mon, 2006-10-23 16:17.
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The lowest price: 44.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
very professional and very cheap in quality/price relationship
printing it is not its strong point

After several years using Microsoft Office in my company we decided to move to another type of solutions that allowed us to save in costs. We had looked during some time and proved several alternatives, until we discovered Diagram Studio.

Diagram Studio surprised us by its great power, we can draw quickly and easily workflow charts, flowcharts, use cases diagrams, network diagrams,... the same as with the Microsoft software (Visio) that we were using untill this moment, and all this with a very lower price, which makes it even a more attractive option .

In addition it can be integrated with other office suite programs, allowing to import and export archives in diverse formats JPG, BMP,… (even supports OLE).

By the moment only one problem, Diagram Studio doesn't support multi-page format, I mean, you can't create different pages, what you have is a large diagram that can be printed on multiples pages, so you have to split manually the different diagrams to fit the pages.


A very good choice if you what to change your actual flowchart drawing software for a cheaper one, and in my opinion, the best choice if you are looking for your first drawing software.