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powerful tool for a tremendous price

Submitted by bellowd on Wed, 2009-03-11 22:36.
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simplistic layout easy to use tools recording capabilities cheap price
can't export selections as anything but its native format not the most advanced effects and processors

After spending a good 4 hours with this product the words intuitive, clean, expansive, and powerful all come to mind. I must admit when i first started looking at this NGwave, I thought it looked rather simple and that it was most likely bare boned with no interesting features available what so ever. I am pleased to say that i was incorrect in this hypothesis. While the layout is simplistic, this program packs a punch with all sorts of little tools that make wave form editing fun and easy. For starters this program comes with effects like flanger, chorus, and reverb, along with other processors like compressors and gates. On top of that it comes with amplitude effects like fade inserts, so you can have smooth transitions, and even custom graphic fades that you can write in yourself.
As far as how the actual editing works out (I mean it is an editing program after all :P), its pretty great. First off I think right now is a good time for me to state that i have used many editing programs and have stuck with the industry standard as my favorite, pro tools. I must admit that this NGwave program does a pretty good job contending with the beast. Now it isn't as good as pro tools, but it also doesn't have anywhere near the price tag and it comes pretty close. What i enjoyed about working in this editor was how easy it was to select audio, and manipulate it, whether i wanted to increase the amplitude of my selected region, or i wanted to zoom in on the selection and make sure it was perfect. All it took to do these things was a simple drag and click of a mouse. There is even a quick button that allows you to delete evertyhing but the selection, or even the selection itself. Little things like this really allow the user to take a break from working around the program and start working WITH it which is essential in music.
As far as editing goes, this program is pretty great, the only thing that I found frustrating is that you can't export your selection as wav or mp3 of even aif. It will only save the audio as what it was originally. Now this can become a problem if you have an mp3 in the NGwave and you want to use a piece of that in a program that only accepts wavs. In that case you would need to open a another converting program to convert your selection made wthin NGwave and change it to a wav. This wouldn't be difficult, but it goes hand in hand with wanting to work with the software as supposed to working around it. Besides that i am not really sure if there was anything that really caught my attention that set me off about this program. It was really pretty great and kept boggling my mind like one thing that i noticed which was that you can actually record in this program. This is pretty odd considering it is just a waveform editor. This is pretty cool in my book, and i haven't seen anything like this in such a cheap product. I think features like that are all over this program, and really make this a product well worth investing in. It certainly has a downfall or two, but for the price i think you would be hard pressed to find anything that even comes close to NGwave.


This is a great product for the price, easy to use, easy to look at, and knows what it it trying to be