Registry First Aid Review

Registry First Aid - Does the Basic Job

Submitted by mattdominik on Thu, 2009-03-12 14:36.
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The lowest price: 27$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
-Defrgagment tool -Quick scan -Extremely basic interface
-Not enough options -Too basic for price

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Registry First Aid is a registry cleaner that seems to do the basic trick, but I'm not sure that it has enough enhancements to really make it on the market, especially considering the price. To some people $27 dollars may not be a lot, but when there are free alternatives on the market there is something to consider. Registry First Aid does have a defragment tool that I don't usually see in registry cleaners, and while the operation of defragging my entire registry did take some time, it worked out very nicely. The registry error checking system does a great job of finding things invalid paths, invalid file names, invalid DLLs, and much more, which is great. When you install a lot of software on your computer, especially software you're unsure that you're going to eventually use then decide to uninstall the program then you're going to have a lot of build up of excess registry files that can lead to a slower computer, and possibly eventually a computer crash. The program allows you to setup full backups before scanning the entire registry for errors, just in case a registry file is removed that you did not want removed. The searching ability is great to find specific files in the registry that maybe you want to edit, or delete individually because the Windows registry editor is very troubled in that sense in my opinion and Registry First Aid allow you to do a better scan, as well as take registry snapshots. The registry management allows backups, and restoration, which is fairly basic option in all of the registry editors, and I don’t see much of a differentiation between this software in that sense compared to the other editors. The advanced settings, while surely convenient, are not much of anything in the way of sophisticated, as there is an appearance option, which really just allows for some tweaking of the interface primarily. One option I did like was that you can add excluded registry strings, and keys, as well as excluded paths which allow you to take out the option of possibly having the scan take away registry files that are important to you. The other two options are to set which specific paths to scan for corrections, and a basic colors option allowing you to change the look of broken files, invalid paths, etc.


It does the trick for the ones willing to pay the price. Has some excellent features, but needs more to be in the top category of registry editors.