Dekart Private Disk Review

Dekart Private Disk

Submitted by manubhaskar on Mon, 2006-10-23 18:29.
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A reliable software to keep the privacy of our important documents and softwares.
As there is no privacy ensured while switching between two users having admistrative privelage in windows XP.Both users can open and access the private disk.

It is very simple and is just like a virtual disk created in our hard disk partition and get assigned to a drive letter by creating it(starting from the drive letter Z to back). The size of private disk to be created (in MB) is also adjustable to suit our need.

After installing the private disk program, we get a window “Dekart Private Disk” with four tabs, namely, disk,options, recovery and customize.

Disk tab consists of four buttons “Connect, Create, Delete, Properties” , of which first button is for connecting or mounting the private disk created to operating system.
Second button represents the creation of private disk with variable capacity. Third button represents deleting the private disk already created. Fourth button meant for adjusting the properties of virtual disk created.

Options tab consists of a series of options to adjust the behaviour of disk created, whether it should be mounted automaticallay when windows started, Checking for newer version of private disk in internet, checking for open files before closing the virtual disk (All files must be closed before exiting the virtual disk, otherwise It cause harm to files in it.). whether to display private disk’s icon on the task bar for easy handling of the software is also given for the ease of use.

The recovery tab is for taking backup , restoreing from backup taken, creation of encrypted password and password recovery.

The customize tab is provided for assigning ‘hot keys’ for smooth operations, like dismounting all virtual disk created, and short cut for the private disks’ termination.

User interface for changing connection status icon and private disk icon are also given in this tab with an option to restore to default mode.


Idea of keeping files in private without any interfearance is good. But I think some where ‘dekart’ missed the software quality control by testing the switching mode in windows XP.