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DOC Regenerator a Valuable Software for File Recovery

Submitted by anchanvinay5 on Fri, 2009-03-20 14:56.
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It is great benefit to the customer that DOC Re generator recovers MS Word documents from the entire disk without losses of content. If the Losses of information are happened at the end of the financial year institution or customer should face really desperate situation. It may result in the loss of project or orders.DOC Regenerator is very good solution in such a condition to rescue the organization. It is a practical experience.
For some computers in our organization we updated our MS Word version from 1998 to 2007. There we have to face the problem because we can not run the Doc Re-generator software for MS Word 2007 version. Thus updating of software is very much required. Another point is we didn’t observe if we lost our word document due to virus infection, is it possible to recovery the files without virus infection?

It is useful software for the recovery of word documents but it is important to update the software because in most of the offices MS Word 2007 is used which is having extended features compared to old versions. It is very much beneficial to the people who are presently using the MS Word 6.0/95/97/2000 and XP2003.

Recovery of corrupted documents is the main benefit. Because some times due to virus infection or sudden shut down of computer may result in the corruption of important word documents. But one question whether software recovers deleted infected files. If operator decides which file should be recovered then the software can be used for good purpose.

Price of the software is reasonable. Every decision maker should face the difficult situation in his business life. Because the loss of important information may cause him shut the business, or loss of orders or huge financial loss. Compared to that humility, the cost of software is very low.

Another useful feature is it supports all the versions of FAT and NTES and regenerates MS Word documents from the deleted partitions and reformatted disks. Sometimes formation of disk is highly recommended. But there is chance of losing important documents. We have experience in recovering such files by using the software.


This is very helpful software especially institutions. normally we are doing project works. It helped us lot in our work. We have to submit many reports to different organizations including Government. This software rescued us so many times. Every institutions must have this software