Cryptainer Review

Simple, easy to use, and powerful encryption

Submitted by amolkadu2611 on Fri, 2009-03-20 20:32.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Amazingly easy to use. Well Priced. Works like a charm. Software also great when not bought. Powerful, secure encryption!
The application window itself could look alot better.. Buying the software is necessary, if your going to encrypt large files.

Keeping your private data nowadays isn't always easy..
But with Cryptainer it sure can be!
Cryptainer offers a high grade of security encryption. Most people uses 128/256-bt encryption, including myself until i saw cryptainer!
Cryptainer encrypts with very powerful 448-bit encryption! That's why i think this application is great for small businesses, however you must pay a small amount at 40,5$, before this software will allow encryptions bigger than 20mb. The free version does however, allow you to encrypt as much, as you want.
Cryptainer is actually very simple. The software just creates a drive on your PC, and then move your files to the drive, and then Cryptainer will do all the technical business for you, and secure your files with 448-bit encryption. Just drag-and-drop your files in the drive. And that's how simple, and easy this software is to use!
I strongly recommend buying this software, it makes it so much better. My small home company is having this software, and all me colleeges has Cryptainer on their machines, and use it every single day. I haven't got any who is complaining about it. Cryptainer even sends encrypted mails! This software really makes my work easier.


So easy to use, everyone can do it! Cryptainer is really a reliable encryption-software, and it really is good for small companies, who want their files to be safe. And well, i strongly recommend it!