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Cryptaine PE: Safe just got safer

Submitted by atterno on Tue, 2009-03-24 11:13.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Excellent protection bundled in a straight forward package. If you think $40 is too hefty a price tag for this one, think again.
Does not support OS platforms other than windows.

"Encryption"- The very word has scared me off for years, as I've always thought of it as something geeky and for the highly tech savvy kind.

Not until a few years back, did I lay my hands on a freeware called Cryptainer LE, that boasted of military standard 128 bit encryption. To my biggest surprise, I sticked on to it and to date I've been using the various versions that have come along.

Cryptainer PE, has inherited all the qualities of its award winning predecessors and has more to offer for the power users.

So exactly how secure is your data with Cryptainer PE?
448 bit blowfish encryption has stood tall against all forms of brute force and dictionary attacks and practically it could take years for someone to decode your password and access the data encrypted within. As the vendors claim, this encryption is, by the true sense of the phrase, "Impossible to break".

What else would anyone consider for an encryption utility?
Its the user interface or so to say user friendliness.
How easy is this one on ease of use?
Anyone who has used windows explorer and is aware of the basic drag and drop functionality can use it with at most ease.

Send encrypted mails and store your files well hidden from the prying eyes of your thirteen year old. And the best part is that you need not even install it on your machine. You can install it on a Flash usb drive and carry it along with full functionality without having to install it on independent machines.

If you are not content with a single 25 GB storage, create multiple drives and organize your files the way you like.

So what does it lack basically?
Application in itself lacks nothing. But it could have had a universal appeal had it come along with MAC and Linux supported versions.

And just one more thing to add on. Be it encrypted or not, data is prone to corruption. So make sure to back up your encrypted data from time to time and let Cryptainer do the rest.


Top notch encryption and ease of use like never before. Highly recommended for people who carry around sensitive data.