MID Converter Review

An overpriced piece of cake

Submitted by bockmann13 on Sat, 2009-03-28 03:27.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Extremely simple and easy to use, nothing complicated or hard to understand.
Lack of help, despite the rarity for need of assistance.

Being a massive music fan (like many others) I was very interested in this software as I needed something which could convert all my songs into one format. As a songwriter myself, my own songs needed a change in format as the programs I use for recording, do not record in the format I wanted.

MID Converter did pretty much everything I needed it to. It was fast enough and simple enough to configure and after a short while, I was formatting my own songs and was then able to put them on to CD's.

After doing this however and realizing how simple the procedure was, I came to the conclusion that there must have been a cheaper way for me to do this. After researching on the internet, I stumbled across cheaper and sometimes free software that does relatively the same thing.

Of course, you get what you pay for and this software is better and more efficient that the cheaper and free stuff, yet I was still slightly anoyed with myself for not doing research first. Despite my slight regret, I am now at least pleased I have a very good and reliable piece of software that I can use for whenever I need. A note I would make is that I would not purchase this software if you had just a handful of files which needed a change in format. It's not worth the money if it just a dozen or so. I have in excess of seven thousand songs for example and even I feel somewhat anoyed that I did not look for a cheaper, be it slightly less reliable, way of doing it.


Probably orth buying if you have many files that you wish to convert and want it done properly. However, probably not worth it if you only have the odd one or two. It is probably cheaper in this case to download or buy the file you have in a different format if possible.