Xeno Assault 2 Review

An Unexpected Shock

Submitted by Grotrot on Thu, 2009-04-02 20:47.
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Lots of action, Relentless gameplay, Exciting - Fun - Addicting, Can loose yourself in the game
Gameplay is consistently the same, Many games like it (Not Original)

- Eliminate the enemy aliens while becoming the savior of the universe in the arcade styled game, Xeno Assault 2. This game provides hours of gameplay and will satiate any need of entertainment.
- Personally Xeno Assault 2 provided me with an outlet to which I could release day-to-day stresses upon aliens and it allowed me to put my school work off until the final day it was due.
- The gameplay is always moving and there is always something to shoot. There is a vast range of difficulty settings providing every gamer with the opportunity to challenge themselves. The controls are instinctual to gamers that have played this type of game before and to those who haven't the controls will soon become second nature as you fly through the galaxy showing the enemy whose boss.
- I expected this game to be slow with many breaks between waves. I have played many games like this in the past, and all have seemed to have the same wave after wave format. I was happily shocked by the massive amount of weapon upgrades as well as the fusion of waves allowing for constant action.
- While Xeno Assault 2 is very addicting, it soon becomes repetitive. There is nothing to do outside of bombing aliens with futuristic weapons. If that is what you want to do then you will be very pleased. For gamers that have played this type of game before there are very few surprises and wont be shocked by the format.


Compared to the games in its genre, Xeno Assault 2 stands out with its colorful, exciting, and constant gameplay. This game is an easy way to kill time.