NETObserve Review

NETObserve, A Good Program

Submitted by megamanartist on Sat, 2009-04-04 03:58.
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The lowest price: 46.71$
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- Privacy guaranteed - Useful features, including keylogging and screenshot surveillance - Secure, ask password everytime you wanted to use the program
- GUI is not completely user-friendly - NETObserve is considered as a threat by Windows Defender and AVG 8 - The price is a little bit too high

NETObserve is a good program. Whether you are a network administrator on a school, office; or just parents wanting to record what your child is browsing secretly, NETObserve allow you to monitor every network activity in your network.

One of the good features is the screenshot surveillance, where this program will take a screenshot on every set interval.

Another good feature is privacy. NETObserve didn't record network activity logs in a folder inside your C:\ drive. Instead, it will create a localhost website, where you can see the recorded logs by opening the website stated by NETObserve. The page itself contains every logs, including screenshot surveillance and PC activity monitoring.


A good program, even though some people might find this a little hard to use.