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Submitted by Xitap on Sun, 2009-04-05 19:18.
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Great for site developers!
Poor maintenance and support!

Search Maker Pro - Create a search engine for any web site.

Search Maker Pro will examine a web site, indexing all the pages that it finds. It will then create a single HTML file that contains both these indexes and JavaScript to enable the indexes to be searched.

By simply placing the single HTML file on your web site, you will be providing full search facilities for anyone accessing your site!

Search Maker Pro Features:
Simple to Setup and Use

* Can create a working search engine in under a minute!
* No programming required.
* User friendly wizard based interface.
* Multiple index methods catering for small and more complex sites.
* No server software or server cgi access required.

Easy to Customize

* Large choice of options to make the search engine fit your website.
* Search result page formatting is fully configurable.
* Wildcard search provisions.
* Alter the default sort order and amount of information that each search generates.


* Generated search HTML file will work on ANY website, webserver or platform (Microsoft, Unix, Macintosh, Linux, IIS, Apache etc).
* Indexes web sites on the Internet or on local storage (hard disk, CD, DVD etc).
* Generated HTML and JavaScript compatible with all common browsers (Internet Explorer v3, 4, 5 & 6, Netscape Navigator v3, 4, 5, 6 & 7, Opera, Mozilla, other browsers using JavaScript 1.1).
* No Java required, only browser standard JavaScript.


* Scalable to 100s of pages (the only limit is the power of the client's machine).
* Can create a local client search engine for CD and DVD.
* Save and load search configurations for easy maintenance of search pages.
* Automate the update of indexes.
* Full control over code encryption.


The program is very good for web developers and also is very useful!