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Submitted by c-dares on Sun, 2009-04-05 22:49.
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Software replaces very expenisive services Has a large list of compatible carriers Very small and runs smoothly in the background
Not compatible with Bell Canada, major carrier, massive client base Poor user interface, looks old Setup 'Wizard' not very magical

I am a cellular phone sales rep in Canada for Bell Mobility. I thought it would be neat to run not only in our small business, but in an actual cell phone dealership. The software was very quick and easy to install, but setup 'Wizard' was confusing even for a cell phone programmer. I liked that the wizard explained the different protocols available, however it still didn't make my mind up on which one to use.

It ran a test to see which protocol my internet connection would support, but it didn't explain the results or tell me why. So I chose the one that passed only to discover that Bell Canada was not on the list. I filled in settings for Bell US however sending messages failed.

The software has potential, and could replace a very expensive service; automated or schedulaed SMS. But unfortunately, it is not compatible, or not known to be compatible with a very large carrier in Canada with a massive client base. Would have been neat to use for thanking customers, providing support, sending appointment or promotion reminders.


Frusterating setup and technical terminology. Software has potential but requires much improvements and expansion to win my vote. In setup support was confusing, and it has a poor user interface.