Watermark Factory Review

Friendly software with factory qualities

Submitted by roboid on Mon, 2009-04-06 07:59.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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It has a lot of options and effects. It has a friendly design. It is perfect for securing your photos.
The batch processing takes some time if you have a lot of files. It doesn't have an offline help.

Is it a factory? No, it is more a friendly software with professional tools. It doesn't matter if you shoot photos in your family trip or you're a professional photographer. This software is perfect for everybody, becauseeveryody wants to secure his photos. If you want to see your photos all over the web, then this software is not for you.
With it, you can watermark how many images you want. You can add a text watermark like "your name" , "do not copy" , or you cand add your signiature or any other image.

The "add folder" is more than welcomed as it is annoying to use the "add files" button when you have a lot of files. After adding the files, comes the fun part. When you add a text watermark you have all the font options that any text editor has. I was very pleased to see that the developers added a "©" button and I don't need to search for that symbol in my text editor. You can also enable the background for your watermark. This will give a more professional look to your image and watermark. For the image watermark you can add a coloured watermark or an embossed one. I recommend the embossed one.

The batch processing takes some time if you have a lot of files,but you can minimize it as it doesn't take a lot of resources from your RAM memory.


It is an useful software for any kind of photographer that posts his photos over the internet.