SpyFighter Cleaner Pro Review

Spyfighter fights, but not any harder then others.

Submitted by kerlins on Fri, 2006-10-27 03:50.
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The lowest price: 26.96$
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Ability to automate almost anything. Very clean interface
Cost may not justify buying this program when there are free programs like Microsoft and Spybot.

SpyFighter Cleaner Pro is a complete spyware removal application with, a keylogger shield, four specialized scan engines to make sure your PC is free of malware. SpyFighter Cleaner Pro costs $26.95 at the start, and to my knowledge no annual subscription fee to keep your signature files updated beyond one year. Like Spyware Doctor, the trial version will not remove any spyware it detects; for that, you'll need to purchase the product.

Installing SpyFighter Cleaner Pro was a snap, though you will have to reboot after your done. The installation wizard will walk you through a series of questions. Because some of SpyFighter Cleaner Pro's tools reside in the system kernel of the Windows operating system, it is one of the few antispyware apps that requires a system reboot upon install.

SpyFighter Cleaner Pro's interface is clean, lean, and more in league with that of other security applications, such as ZoneAlarm By displaying vital information, such as signature file dates and dates in which scans were last run, in a convenient location, SpyFighter Cleaner Pro eliminates the need to drill down for such information. . One cool feature I found was that the Sweep page not only offers step-by-step instructions for finding and removing spyware, it also marks your process by highlighting one of three tabs across the top of the page.

Similar to the free apps Spybot and Microsoft Windows Defender, SpyFighter Cleaner Pro includes proactive shields that scan for new pests that try to infest your system while you surf or download files. SpyFighter Cleaner Pro includes 13 proactive shields, including one devoted to blocking keyloggers. On the tools page, the shields are grouped by category (such as Windows System, Internet Explorer) so that you can see what those individual shields can do for you and toggle various options on or off.

SpyFighter Cleaner Pro was very proactive, stopping you from accessing Web sites known to host spyware. While working or surfing the Internet, SpyFighter Cleaner Pro flaged all new software installations with a brief pop-up over the taskbar in the lower-right corner of the screen and asks later whether to accept or remove the installed components. SpyFighter Cleaner Pro's pop-up alerts require me to take immediate action, such as registering the product or confirming that I did indeed install a new program to the desktop.

Unlike Spybot Search and Destroy and Microsoft Windows Defender Beta, almost all of SpyFighter Cleaner Pro's functions can be automated. It can scan your system, update spyware definitions, delete quarantined files after a set time frame, and check all incoming files without you having to lift a finger. SpyFighter Cleaner Pro makes serious strides forward toward keeping your system clean of spyware while offering a user-friendly interface.


However, I liked the program but found it didn't work any better than Spybot's search and destroy and my trusty favorite Adware.