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Impressive Top Style Pro

Submitted by pink-shoe on Tue, 2009-04-07 15:54.
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The lowest price: 71.95$
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User friendly interface, easy installation and helpful tutorials.
Bit pricey.

Installation is very easy, doesn't require much resources.

Panels and menus are outlined perfectly for user's convenience.You can customized their arrangement or just select your preferred layout. The Style sheet wizard is useful in creating style sheet.It also provides predefined HTML templates, displays tags and keywords as you type and an auto-complete feature. Displays helpful panels like CSS selector and CSS Palette Editor for easier navigation throughout your document. Style Inspector with a complete list of CSS properties you can choose from. Work preview can be done using the internal browser in output panel or using an external browser which you can configure.

Provides selection of tools such as Style sweeper to reformat your style rules;Style Check for debugging your document, which i like best favorite;Html Tidy if you want to reformat your document, with
an option to convert into Xhtml; Also equip with W3C CSS validator,Spell Check and Thesaurus. Checking browser compatibility can be done in a click.It even supports Third Party Integration such as Dreamweaver, Coldfusion and Front Page, which is rare in other editors.

What like most in this editor is that I can customized almost everything. Its a perfect tool for developers and designers out there, even non professionals will surely use this with ease.


This is a full packed software with an impressive performance and great features.