Search Maker Pro Review

Search Maker Pro is an Amateur

Submitted by JonathanOst on Thu, 2009-04-09 18:16.
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The lowest price: 53.1$
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Easy Interface Relatively cheap compared to other software Very Customizable
Very Slow Almost no Support from the publisher Doesn't always work after all the time put in

If you're in the website design industry you most likely have to add search engines to all of your websites. Sometimes this is a tedious task unless you are very good at what you do. If you're tired of taking time to create these search engines or if you need one for a cd rom or whatever else you need you should purchase Search Maker Pro.

I'll start off this review by saying Search Maker Pro can get a little pricey. One copy of the software will run you $60. For more licenses the price will increase, but at a discounted rate. For an unliimited license you can purchase Search Maker Pro for $900, this is only recommended for organizations that need to distribute the software to all of their employers.

On to the interface of the software. It's average for this kind of software. There is a wizard for making your web search and it's pretty easy to use. The software gives you a lot of options to customize your searcher. This is probably the best part about the software, it's simple and pretty easy to use.

One of my gripes with this software is that it's slow sometimes. It uses Java scripts to create its engines, which is a respected programming language, but the scripts it creates are monstrous, often taking a long time to compile.

Another problem with this software is the publisher of the same name. They offer almost no support for their product and their own website is simplistic in a bad way. There isn't a lot of information and if you do find what you need it won't help you much.

If you just want an easy, thought-free way of creating searchers than buy this software, but I don't recommend it.


I don't recommend this software at all, but if you feel like using a slow search engine creator without any help then get Search Maker Pro.