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Submitted by manubhaskar on Sun, 2006-10-29 18:05.
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A useful software designed beautifully to organise the reminders, ideas and notes.
It could have been a nice program if the ‘note window’ could be embedded in the Windows application itself (Like in Ms word or Excel), instead on the desktop. Popping up the small windows on the desktop is quite disturbing.

As it's name implies, Cute Reminder is useful software for scheduling and showing reminders. It is truly a 'Non distracting' or ‘Non disturbing’ software to remind us of important works to be done.

Cute Reminder has got a beautifully designed panel aligned neatly in the right side of the screen, just like a popup in need. Good Idea! . You can find "Notes", "Reminder", ”Idea” and "Control Center" options here.

The most attractive part of Cute Reminder is its control center. Options have been given for scheduling the appearance of reminders, where we can schedule new reminders to pop up and it is arranged for one week ahead (next 7 days).

Want to edit/delete already scheduled reminders? Well, options are available at your finger tip. We can also add a new scheduled reminder in case it is needed. A note window option is also provided for keeping general notes that appear on the desktop.

All features are having the facility to add, edit, delete and find. Cute reminder software can be configured according to our convenience and ‘preferences’ option in file menu is associated with it.

A highly informative help, which is very easy use, also provided for help and support purpose.


Eventhough a little bit costly software, compare to its performance, a great way to schedule reminders.