Platypus Review

Clay Day

Submitted by NateKwee on Sun, 2009-04-12 22:02.
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Just plain fun. Cooperative is a blast. Great visual style.
Some levels can get a little frustrating.

In this game you (and possibly a friend) are in command of the ship that I believe is the titular Platypus. For some reason, you ship bears no resemblence to the egg-laying aquatic mammal and looks a little more like a space ship. The game pits you (and again possibly your friend in hotseat co-op mode) against hordes of enemies as you fly over 4 beautifully sculpted locales. Enemies come in various types, from basic flying saucers to multigunned stealth bomber-looking things.
To aid you in your quest, the enemy will sometimes drop powerups (as to why, i Have no idea) that boost the power of your weapons. One powerup nearly quadruples your rate of fire, on gives you a shotgun-like spray gun and yet another replaces your machine guns with rocket launchers. The catch is, you get these power-ups for only 60 seconds. While ammo is unlimited, as the clock ticks down you will need to start backing off and getting ready for the loss of your recently acquired death-dealing device. Occasionally, you will encounter a boss. Bosses can be bigger meaner versions of a regular enemy you've been fighting, such as the giant Egg-shaped dude. They also can be something totally unique, like the train boss. Either way, these foes will test your skill, and make you wish you had picked up a powerup a few seconds ago.
All in all, Platypus is a great side-scrolling game that is best enjoyed with a buddy, sibling or random stranger at the controls of the other ship. The great visuals add to the fun, too.