Search Maker Pro Review

Great Program for Smaller Websites.

Submitted by Tavenos on Sun, 2009-04-12 22:59.
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The lowest price: 53.1$
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The program runs quickly. It’s very simple to install and use, and has a lot of customization.
Bland program design, very pricey, and indexed files are pretty big.

Search Maker is a program that allows you to create a search engine for websites and files. It’s very simple to use, although you might be a little confused with the design of the program at first. Search Maker guides you through steps in which you check various options and features. When you finish customizing, the program indexes whatever websites or files you have selected and give you an html code which you can easily implement in websites and such.
There is a lot of customization involved in the creation of the search engine, which is a selling point of Search Maker. You can tell Search Maker to index a single page, follow links all over the domain (your website), or even search other websites linked through your site. You can of course tell it specific addresses not to index also, allowing you to actually choose every page you want searchable by the engine. You can also select a template for the search engine to make it resemble your website. There are simply too many other options to list. With all of the customization options given to you, you never feel overwhelmed as they are give to you in different steps. You can always go back and change the options you have selected before you index the files with the simple “next” and “back” buttons.
As with most other search engine creators out there, Search Maker has the problem of costing a lot of bandwidth for larger sites consisting of over a hundred pages. Search Maker seems to have larger file sizes than some others. Most users will probably want to limit the pages they allow the search engine to index because of this, and some larger websites will be unable to use this program at all. Another problem of Search Maker are it’s help files. They are simply not that helpful. They are badly made and poorly written. Inexperienced users will have a problem understanding most of the advice given in the help section. One deal-breaking flaw is the program’s inability to run on Windows Vista. Fortunately I use Windows XP, so I could use it without any major problems.
Lastly, the program’s interface is bland, uninspired, and unpleasant to look at. Fortunately the dullness of the program does not reflect onto the look of the search engine. As I said earlier, you can select different designs and templates for the search page and search results pages, so it isn’t a problem.