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Mmmhm...maybe good

Submitted by rp181 on Tue, 2009-04-14 05:56.
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The lowest price: 44.05$
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Runs on linux (ubuntu 8.10) through wine, easy interface
website copier didn't function correctly, does not create a subdirectory, end up with numerous folders

After downloading, I ran it, and it quickly installed, and easily ran. I chose to try and download a website (made by me, on 110mb host) and It claimed to have downloaded it quickly, and he log all checked out.

Unfortunate, it did not work. The starting address was fine, but all the links failed to function. It seemed to only have taken a snapshot, as the ad-sense had the exact same ads...even without connectivity to the Internet (disabled).

However, I found it very powerful for everything else, and quickly downloaded everything, with no bandwidth caps. When looking at the sites bandwidth meter, I saw that it used a surprisingly low amount of bandwidth, even with a fair amount of media.

The cost is a bit steep for this program, and free alternative can be found. For example, for website downloading, I found WebHTTrack Website Copier very easy to use, fast, very good download resuming, and perfect results. It also provides an easier, more useful log file.


This software has potential, with some nice features, and usable by anyone, but it is definitely recommended that you try before buying, to make sure it works.