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After the application of DOC Regeneration2.11

Submitted by geziganlanzhi on Wed, 2009-04-15 13:02.
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After the operation of DOC Regeneration2.11, the interface of Select Source Drive displays. There are two optional manners: one is to select the drive from the drop-down list and the other is to click the drive listed below directly. Select the drive and enter the Select Destination Directory interface. The purpose of the path is listed below and you can click Browse to open Browse for Folder window On the right of the window displays the being-carried-out operation, including Scanning?Analyzing?Preview?Save to Disk, all of which display in gray.
1. After Selecting the drive and entering into the Select Destination Directory interface, the selected driver displays as garbled English label. 2. The form of hyperlink is less direct viewing than that of button, and does not have a strong sense of the interface level. 3. The choice underlying the source path resides in the drive, but not some folder, to the individual inconvenience. There are not too many files to be restored, and you can save a lot of time if targeted scan files are made in the directory,

Click OK or Next to scan the selected drive. At this time all Word windows will be prompted to close. Click the prompt box OK, force the closure of all the Word windows, and enter into the scanning process. Here should be given a prompt window Cancel button so that the user does not want to scan immediately, he can cancel the operation. Unlike the standard Windows Forms buttons on the window which do not leaves the obvious feeling, all buttons on the interface take the form of hyperlinks. The drive I chose is 20.59GB in terms of the NTFS partition. It takes nearly 15 minutes to scan the drive, with memory scanning process less than 2M and scanning results less than 782 pieces. And the analysis process takes five and half a minute, with non-stop call of Word file. The main program memory occupies about 7M, Word memory 38M, excluding the 40M of Word in CPU. The total documents analyzed amounts to 369. It takes 4 minutes and 20 seconds to preview all the documents successfully except two documents with picture or icon to the exclusion of preview. The file cannot be saved because it is as a version unregistered.


It helps to recover deleted, damaged and covered word documents, with good support for their format and form. Overall, it is a good tool. But it needs continual improvement and I will recommend it to friends.