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Submitted by ShawnaD on Mon, 2005-12-26 17:58.
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Good startup tutorial, nice space-saving tab access button, simple “only what’s needed” software design.
Some parts of software are translated by a person whose language is not English.

CuteReminder is one of many electronic PostIt notes type software. I’ve tried a few, but what stands out about this one is simplicity. The software lets you create only three types of notes:
Reminder, Note, Idea. Reminder is something that has a deadline.

Here is what’s cool about Cute Reminder reminders (it’s a tongue twister) – when you set one up, you don’t have to enter the exact time. You can just click 5 min, 2 hours or Tomorrow button.

The reminders aren’t displayed until the time comes. Notes and Ideas are simple notes that don’t have a deadline. You can just write something down, like “John’s Chicago-style pizza recipe” and the note will be posted on your desktop. Or not, if you wish.

Once John shows up in office, you can ask him, “Hey John, give me a recipe for your famous Chicago-style pizza.” All your notes and ideas (and reminders I think) can be saved in the History folder so you can browse them in the future.

Here is another cool think about Cute Reminder that I’ve noticed right away. While other programs usually have to be accessed through the tray or by clicking an icon, this program shows an orange tab in the lower right corner of your desktop.

All you have to do is to move the mouse to the tab and you can write a reminder or read help. Another new twist that I’ve yet to see is an option to link e-mails, files and web pages.

You can basically schedule when to launch a backup or send an e-mail, which is quite cool. Things I have not tried are playing around with different program skins, sounds and fonts.


Cute Reminder a clever electronic PostIt notes solutions that’s very space-savvy and non-intrusive. It’s one of the few programs that you feel start comfortable using right away.