SuperBot Review

Excellent and Easy to use.

Submitted by sundaryourfriend on Thu, 2009-04-16 06:24.
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The lowest price: 44.05$
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  • Easy user interface listing common operations visibly
  • Loads of options to customize things to the extreme
  • Can filter by filetype, number of files, size, etc.
  • No inbuilt scheduler!
  • Except the common operations you must explore it to find its options.
  • Quite a high price tag.

This is not just another site downloader!

Of course, it does the job of downloading websites locally very well - I gave a download job, opened the downloaded page and went off. After I returned, I was browsing the page, without realising that I was browsing offline and not from the Internet for a long time!
But it does a lot more than that.

You can control what all links it downloads when downloading an entire site - even links to other websites can be downloaded if you want.

You can control how many pages it downloads, what kinds of pages, what the size of the pages can be (minimum and maximum), and many more.

In my case I did not want it to take up too much of my monthly bandwidth, and I could set the Maximum total download size so it won't go beyond that!

Can you believe a site downloader can do 'Find and Replace' within the files it downloads, so you can customize your local version? This does.

For even more customization, it allows you to add your own content to the top and/or bottom of the downloaded pages, maybe adding your own logo to it.

It can also give a pause (if you set it so) between successive downloads so the website people don't guess you're using a bot.
It can also fake itself as Internet Explorer (by setting the user agent), again to prevent people from finding it's a bot.
One issue I had with it was that it doesn't have a scheduler inbuilt. But the very helpful help page (which you get by clicking on the ? at the top right) gives a way to schedule using the Windows Task Scheduler itself.

Talking about the help page, do take a look at the 'Example Uses' part. You're sure to get amazed by what you can do with this program - download files as and when you copy the address to clipboard, get email addresses from web pages, create CDs which open the copied sites automatically when you insert them, etc.
Whether you're a student who needs to browse sites in your Internet-less room, a casual traveler who likes to read things on a plane, or in fact just an ordinary Internet user who occasionally needs to download many things from a site, I'd highly recommend this program.


An excellent program overall. If you're fine with the price, it's a highly recommended buy.