DVDFab Platinum Review

Amazing software

Submitted by CTorontoML on Thu, 2009-04-16 23:37.
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The lowest price: 53.95$
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Easy to use. All in one DVD ripper and writer
Price, however limited freeware version is available

First off this is one of many dvd back-up programs. This is one of very very limited that actually let you rip, write, transfer (ipod, psp), split and merge dvd's. This program is an all in one solution.

This has a very easy to use interface, no need for any type of manual or any other programs to coincide with this one. This is a stand alone program.

There are free dvd rippers such as "dvd decryptor" but it does not come close to the speed, and the ease of use of this program or its freeware counter part.

DVDFab is constantly sending out new software upgrades, and they are free for life. Recently they sent out a new upgrade that made the interface so much easier to use. It is just insert DVD and click to what you want this program to do with it.

You can copy a dvd onto a dual layer, regular dvd, or split the dvd; anyway you do it you will receive the original quality. You can hardly ever tell it is not the original.

This is the best DVD program for all you DVD needs.


The number one dvd back-up solution!