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Submitted by Brannyt1 on Sat, 2009-04-18 15:01.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Easy to use Quick install Simple interface
Takes ages to download news! Irritating voice!

The installation is a piece of cake. And the file isn't that large, so it hardly takes up any space. Once installed there is a nice little introduction, in which you can choose your news! Enter your proxy details (if you have any). Its not complicated at all, it's all very easy and straight forward, and the interface is just what we're all used to!
However, when downloading the news, you have to wait. And wait. And wait. For me, it took me 15 minutes to download all of the news. And i've got the fastest internet I can get in my area. So any one with a slow internet connection, could be waiting ages. And when the news fininally downloads, and you play it. The voice is irritating and not realistic at all! It is Microsoft's text-to-voice. What most people know as Microsoft Sam. However, on the up side, it has a nice little 'jump to news' feature, which when you click, opens up your web browser and jumps to the news story online ie. BBC news, or Yahoo News.
However, for what you get it's very pricey, and I think, its a bit too much for the average person to buy. Unless there obsessed with the news, somthing which most people arn't.


Overall, a nice little program, not very stylish, well, as far as the interface goes. And you may have to wait a while for the news. And its a bit pricey. But you will find it very usefull if your always on the go with no time to watch TV.