NewsAloud Review

Save your dime, read the bad rhyme

Submitted by mmalka on Mon, 2006-10-30 19:57.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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I hope you won't mind, but I could not find.
Sounds as bad as my rhymes.

I wanted to write a few reviews.
So I decided to try NewsAloud and see
If I could listen to the news,
while doing other things on the PC.

There was no problem installing the tool,
in a couple of minutes it was complete.
The interface is not exactly cool,
as it looks kind of obsolete.

Next, I had to chose
the sources and subjects from a list.
It is not difficult to use,
even if you are not a specialist.
The search was quite smart
and a few articles were found.
I double-clicked on one to start,
curious on how it would sound.

Is that what they call natural, human voice?
I can not agree.
No matter which choice,
It sounded more like an ET.

Of course I am not looking for perfection
But I think it is common sense
That quality is key to the satisfaction
of the listening experience.


If you don’t mind the voice a robot, Or don’t have a radio nearby, You may want to give it a shot. Otherwise, it is not worth to try.