Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter Review

CUCUSOFT video converter

Submitted by zerbzman on Thu, 2009-04-23 03:23.
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-Simple -Batch Convert -Preview-You can easily preview you movie, that you are going to convert, in the "iPod"
-may have to install codecs -By default the resolution is set to 320x240 and it has what it calls a "Level 3" quality which is ok if you JUST watch your movies on your iPod, but if you ever watch your movies on a TV via AppleTV, iPod A/V Cables, or other, you may want to up the quality of the conversion. To do this you have to click on the ADVANCE button and change two things: Resolution and output quality. I changed it to 720x320 and "Level 1" because that was the best it could do.

-This is ONLY a video FILE converter! If you want DVDs on your iPod you will need another program. If you do use this with a dvd you will not be able to make chapters.
-It Converted a 6 minutes and 11 second clip in about 2:32. I compared this time to another converter that I useand prefer and the time was about 2 minutes.
-easy, when the encoding finishes it asks if you want to open to folder location where your converted movie is.


Overall, this is a very easy to use iPod converter for the person who just watches, say youtube videos or simple other stuff on their iPod. I would not recommend this program to somebody who wants more than just an iPod converter. I have another program that I use to convert all types of movie files to a lot of other formats. I use it to make movies for youtube and other. This one would not fit the job I need. CUCUSOFT is very user friendly and works like it says it will. This program is good for kids and other people who aren't as knowledgable with video formats.