Puzzle Express Review

Puzzle Express.

Submitted by tomster785 on Sat, 2009-04-25 16:36.
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Quite fun to play when you're bored. You can add your own photos. Two very different modes. A good idea for a game.
For how much content you get, it costs way too much. Poor soundtrack and mediocre graphics. You can be waiting a long time before you get the block you need.

I went into puzzle express, expecting something that I would mostly play when bored, and I was right. I don't believe that this is the sort of game you would play instead of a professionally made game. That is not to say that this is a bad game of course, as it was very fun to play.

When you first go into the game you get a badly sampled drum beat, which is not the best of starts. You then go into the game, you have a choice of two game modes; Scenic and Express. The general idea of both games is too fill up train carts, with tetris like blocks, but with more varied blocks. If there is ever a space which is one square big, you get single blocks, which are limited but you gain more as your points increase. You place the blocks in the train, by left clicking on them as they come onto a conveyor belt at the bottom of the screen. You can right click to rotate them. You then place the block where you want it to go. As you clear rows more and more of a picture is shown. The soundtrack is poor and very unnoticable, and the graphics are mediocre at best.

The two modes have a varied approach to this idea. In Express there is a timer, the blocks come faster, another train appears after you have finished one train and there is a limit to how many blocks can be on the conveyor belt. On each train you have a timer, there is often two on the screen at a time and you have a limited amount of trains that appear. You have an average amount of time to finish all the trains, meaning all the times will be added up and divided by how many trains there was. If it's below the average limit. You passed, obviously if it isn't you fail. If you use a single block, you get a second penalty, based on how many you used in a row.

In Scenic mode, there is no timer and no limit to how many blocks are on the conveyor belt. It's much more relaxed the Express. If you use a single block then you get no penalty.


All in all it's a pretty good game, but not something I would go out of my way to get. I would only buy it, if you had the money and you wanted to get it. I suggest you get it if you have the money, but don't save up for it.