O&O Defrag Professional Review

Is this my next defrag program

Submitted by gleken on Sun, 2009-04-26 13:25.
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Defrags and optimize your computer Nice interface Good help files and tips
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I have been using the freeware version of O&O Defrag which is a older version of the program and have always liked it, but time for a change so would my best option be to go to O&O Defrag V8 Professional.

My first impression was that it has a nice looking user interface, well set out and friendly but nice looking doesn’t mean that it does it job well. My computer gets a lot of use so needs to be defragged often so I set it to work defragging my computer. So what is the verdict? I think that it did a good job but as I said so did the freeware version.I think this was on slightly better.

So what features would make me spend the extra 25 to 30 % more money O&O Defrag V8 Professional is to others on the market. The main reason with be that it allows you the option to defrag and reorganizes your file structure which would help speed up your computer more than just a normal defrag. Some of the others I looked at do not have this feature.

So is this program worth buying. I think it depends on what you want it for, if it is just for your home computer you may get the same results with a cheaper one. But if you are running databases or using your computer as a server then the options that it has to defrag and optimize computers that are doing this would make it worth it.

As for me I decided not to buy O&O Defrag V8 Professional because I found a freeware program that will defrag and optimize almost as good.


I found O&O Defrag V8 Professional easy to use and it did a good job of defragging my computer, but is worth the price only if you are running database or a server.