Cute Reminder Review

A Little Too Cute

Submitted by AmandaKs on Wed, 2006-11-01 00:36.
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It's a fun little program for kids and teens to play with.
Most business people already have a more professional method of keeping track of ideas and appointments.

CuteReminder is a nice little program that is a basic date book. It's charm is in using "post-it" notes that pop up on the screen.

The ease of use is a big plus for students of most ages. The menu bar is easily accessible on the side, top or bottom of your screen. It's self explanitory for anyone who has more than a week's worth of experience on the computer.

Having the control center on the main menu makes for easy access to scheduling appointments and reminders as well as a history of past memos.

This is a great little program for kids and teens, but professionals will most likely have a more powerful tool already at hand. The "pop ups" can be annoying especially when conducting meetings and presentations. (They can potentailly be embarrassing, depending on how detailed you get with your notes an ideas.)


A nice little program for the kids to keep track of their schedules, but not for professionals.