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Submitted by bcompton on Tue, 2009-04-28 01:09.
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User-friendly interface and simple operation. Low maintenance + great scanning power = A recommendation from me.
Seems to use a lot of computer power, not the fastest "full scan" out there. (Just schedule it to run at night)

I have used this program for over a year now, and all in all I am fairly happy with its performance. It does a great job of continuously monitoring incoming files, cookies, and websites. In the same breath is does use quite a bit of space on my laptop.

As far as Spyware Doctor's performance as a virus scan I am 90-95% satisfied. I tend to clear the cookies/offline content etc. nearly every day so the scan typically doesn't catch many suspicious files, however someone who didn't clean their files would probably find this program much more helpful. My Spyware Doctor is set up to run a normal scan every night and a full scan twice a week.

I do appreciate the interface and organization of this scanner over other programs.

I basically have only one complaint with this software. About six months ago it did miss a virus called "virtumonde" during the normal scan. It did catch it in the full scan, but was unable to clean the virus. However it did send me suggestions to software that ended up clearing my computer of the hazard.


I've had quite a bit of experience with this software, and I can tell you that if you keep it updated, and run it regularly you will be happily satisfied.