Vision Backup 10 Review

Backup By VisionWorks Solutions

Submitted by Lasalite on Tue, 2009-04-28 06:59.
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The lowest price: 71.1$
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Price, Ease of use, Processing Weight, And Logging options
Well it isn't exactly free but near close to it for this type of application.

When I saw this i was skeptical, I thought "why should I use their backup rather than my windows backup?" and now I know. This program does more than just backup files, it saves machine Statuses.

Some services the program provides are;

-Email Backup
-Favorites Backup
-Network Backup
-Host Backup
-SQL database Backup

Those are the five that I actually used. The program allows you to even choose how you wish to backup, there are many choices, in my case I used my FTP server, which by the way worked marvelously.

There are of course some draw-backs, like price, but the price is actually excellent, if I needed to backup information I have my ways, however my ways are slow, and meticulous, but Vision Backup 10 is fast and easy for novices. If I had to choose between re-learning backup methods or pay $70, I would choose, in a heart beat, the Bail-Out.


It's Easy to use, has options for Automatic-Backups, and doesn't send you to the poor-house. In all this program does its job at a fair price.