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Submitted by geziganlanzhi on Sun, 2009-05-03 09:46.
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It facilitates the management of the registry creates strong affinity interface.
Registry First Aid Agent can not be directly withdrawn.

It is a tool with functions of a more comprehensive registry maintenance, management, backup tools, to achieve most of the functions a general registry management tool provides, including checking the registry errors, dealing with debris, seeking keyword of the registry, create the restore points of the system, recovering system restore points, as well as restoring the registry from reg. In addition, there is a function called the snapshot of the registry in conveniently facilitating the generation of a snapshot of the registry that can be stored in the set path as a Snp file. There is also a function of comparing those snapshots generated at different times to detect changes between two snapshots. After identifying the difference, you can also directly open the corresponding keys through the Registry Editor, but unregistered version does not support this function. In the advanced settings, there are functions such as regular scan registry, registry scan regularly reminded, detection of the new version at regular time as well as the non-scanning of certain path, key and string in the setting of the scanning. You can also set it whether to start automatically with Registry First Aid Agent, but you can withdraw from it once you get it started.


It I a tool of more comprehensive functions, such as registry maintenance, management, backup. It can also achieve most of the functions a ordinary registry management tool provides.