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After I use Cryptainer

Submitted by geziganlanzhi on Sun, 2009-05-03 09:51.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
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it is easy for you to make a virtual encrypted drive as used in the common drive.
you cannot open many volumes within a program window at the same time.

It is good software for file encryption. You can encrypt a single file, and you can also put many files into an encrypted virtual drive so that they can be stored in the storage medium in the form of a single file. Executable file with self-decompressing function and Sit file can also be generated when the individual file is encrypted. The former is larger, while the latter must be restored by the decompressing agent--- Cryptainer. The virtual drive can be visited through the main interface. You can also directly get access to it through My Computer. The virtual drive can be used as the ordinary drive in the operations such as copy and paste. Click the "View in Explorer" button in the program and subsequently open Explorer, but at this time you can only get access to the virtual drive, but not other normal drives. You can make the virtual drives visible or not visible and can also change its drive letter through the two buttons of “Load” and “Unload”. The software can virtualize many Volumes with different documents stored on the hard drive. If you forget the files saved in the main Volume, the software also can tell its path and file name.


It is good file-encryption software that you can use to encrypt a single file. And I will recommend to friends.