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I can manage without it!

Submitted by nikhilvaswani on Mon, 2009-05-04 21:24.
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The "Ideas" application is good.
"Reminder" function is much better in Outlook.

I have been using Microsoft Outlook for quite some time for my scheduling and reminder operations hence I was benchmarking this software against that. (It has the added advantage of being an e-mail program too!)

Anyways, the Reminder application has the same functionality as Outlook. The only advantage I see is that I dont have to open the whole software to set a reminder and its available on my desktop itself. On the cons side, I can set a reminder and send it to all my colleagues (via e-mail). Dont know how that possible here.

As far as "Notes" is concerned, I currently use a sticky note application. (Because I use quite a few paper post-its also). Honestly, I find that much cuter and gives me the real post-it feel!

Finally, I really likes the "Ideas" application. As I am an entrepreneur, I keep getting a lot of idea that I write in my diary. I found this a much better way of storing them and its good that they keep appearing once in a while so that they dont slip out of my mind. On the flip side, cant carry my laptop wherever I go, hence it wont replace by diary totally.

Nikhil Vaswani


In all, a nice application but I guess I am doing pretty well without it.