Registry First Aid Review

A Registry tool like others.

Submitted by Cassio on Tue, 2009-05-05 05:35.
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The lowest price: 27$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
ease of use, small space in disk, file backup.
hogs resources, too expensive to do so little, may use much of PC's a little more older.

The program was downloaded in an attempt to speed up the computer, looking for errors in the registry from unsuccessful or incomplete uninstalls.

When first opening the program my first impression was a friendly image of the screen, it seems easy to use, and was really easy.

Soon after the first scan, several errors was found and solved. It seemed perfect, except for programs that started to give problems after the "correction made by this software".

Some data were not only lost the function of the backup software. At least the uninstall was quick and simple. There are competitors in the same price range but much more efficient.


A powerful tool, but with power out of control.