Moon Tycoon Review

Moon Tycoon- The Future of Mooning

Submitted by Tahsin Munir on Wed, 2009-05-06 02:20.
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Many different criteria to monitor, such as Power and Oxygen levels; 3D Graphics and ability to rotate in 3 dimensions; Low system requirements; Immersive Gameplay
Complex menu system; Boring, cliched plotline

It seems that there are now Tycoon games for everything. Zoo Tycoon, Mall Tycoon, Coffee Tycoon (come on, people...Coffee?)- you name it, they made it. As such, I thought that "Moon Tycoon" would be yet another installment of a good idea overused to the point of numbness. I mean, it is basically the same thing all over again, right? WRONG.
Moon Tycoon is a completely fresh take from the previous Tycoon games. Think of it as SimCity Lite. You basically have control of the surface of the moon (obviously... "Moon" Tycoon), and have to set up a colony there. The controls are not very intuitive, and I spent a lot of time initially just referring to the help section to find buttons hidden away in the complex menu system. However, once I managed to master the commands, I was hooked. The game is very immersive, and I literally caught myself tearing my hair out when a Moon Quake came and knocked out half my colony. The game's graphics are incredible for the genre, and they even allow for full 3d movement. The audio is equally impressive, providing very realistic 3d sounds.


I think Moon Tycoon is a very interesting and fresh take on an overworked idea. The graphics are great, and the depth of gameplay is remarkable. I definitely recommend this game to all Tycoon fans, and anyone else who just likes a good PG-13 video game