Ace Utilities Review

Simple application for simple usage

Submitted by nikhilvaswani on Wed, 2009-05-06 16:35.
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Very easy to install and use.
Scanning can take too long at times.

This is one utilities application that does what it promises in a very simple manner.

Installation is pretty easy and straightforward.
It has four main functions each having 3-4 sub-functions.
All the sub-functions involve scanning the PC and that happens quite quickly (apart from "Remove Junk Files" function that take a lot of time and puts heavy load on the hard disk)

The wizard application makes is very easy for a novice like me to schedule regular maintenance functions.

Did not go through to the advanced user functions but looking at the help options under advanced tab, one can make out that its pretty comprehensive as well.

Finally, it is recommended that all users look at the "Known Issues" part of the help so they know some areas where problems are expected.


Good application for someone who is interested in regular optimization of their system.