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Submitted by Melatonin on Wed, 2009-05-06 18:38.
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The lowest price: 27$
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*One button click to view your html in a browser *Pregenerated code *Multilanguage support *Auto Indexing
*A bit clustered *GUI doesn't look friendly *Need to uncheck 'default' to make changes

Before I begin, I used this software only to make simple php syntax to preform simple operations and tables. I've never really used any text editor besides vim on Linux machines.

For anyone that has ever done any programming, the daunting task is in the simple basics. Remembering some of the overused syntax needed to preform the redundant tasks required. It also encompasses having to continually review code to make sure everything is working properly. The number one thing I'm looking for in a text editor is ease of use, debugging properties, and syntax checking.

Sitting up the software was fast and easy. It was a breeze and refreshing to see how fast I got everything up and working without even thinking about. The logging in was very simple and easy to access.

Now text editor looked a bit intimidating at first. So many buttons and options at my finger tips. A lot of the GUI wasn't that intuitive and required some reading. I managed to find a single button that creates a new html document.

After clicking the 'New Html Document' button, I was pleasantly surprised to have the basic HTML layout precoded for me.

After a little experimenting, I had enough with the black on white with different coloring shades for html and php keywords. I managed to find the coloring font and background controls easy enough. It took me a moment to realize that I could NOT edit the colors without first UNCHECKING the default box. This is a mild annoyance but can be simply fixed. An option like this should be turned off (unchecked) immediately when I change something. And once I check it again, then return to the defaulted options.

So far my experience has been mediocre, but I am willing to continue the trial for a website project I'm developing.


I would give this editor a try, but as it looks now I'm not sure if I'd put up $20 for it. I'd need more debugging abilities to step through my code. I'm not sure if that was present in the software. If it is, then it should have been more easily accessible and intuitive to find. As for right now, I think there is a lot of decent freeware out there with comparable abilities.